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The exciting aspects of blackjack casino games are that they have easy rules. It should be noted, though, that there are divergent variations of this game. There exist some critical aspects of the game that differ from one casino to another. These differences can have an impact on the right procedures bettors can use to beat the dealer. Today, the article is looking at the blackjack versions and what differentiates one from the other.

Overview of the Blackjack Variants

The blackjack game is a fantastic and strategy—based casino game commonly played. However, we should note that though many people stake on it, they are not familiar with the many variants of the game. These unique individual differences that separate one variant from the other give the game an appealing look and spices up the betting experiences of bettors.

Players’ interests in the game of blackjack will have totally disappeared, if not for the introduction of variants with innovative features.

Blackjack Variant Types Available

There are about over 20 blackjack versions depending on where you play the game; we will be taking a peep at some below.

American Blackjack

A widely played blackjack in most US casinos, dealers of this version are allowed to hole cards on different stages. They also get the hole card before bettors can start to bet.

European Blackjack

In this kind of blackjack, the dealer only receives the hole card when the player has decided to wage. Common in European gambling arenas and online casinos, this variant of casino offers some various strict rules.

Chinese Blackjack

Asian bettors particularly love this type of blackjack because it specially offers good profits. In this game, hands should reach at least 16, and dealers in this Asian version of blackjack must show hands before hitting.

Spanish 21

A right kind of blackjack is mostly offered in Spanish-speaking communities. This version provides better flexible gaming rules and enormous bonuses.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This game was labeled after an exotic area, Las Vegas, where casinos and clubs are located. You will find most card players in that area prefer this to other versions.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is popular because it allows bettors to play two hands in separate ways. These gamblers can swap and switch the cards they are dealt with favorable ones in the shoe.

Features That Distinguish Blackjack Variants

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Key features differentiate one blackjack variants from others; we will be looking at some of them in this section.

  • Splitting Times

Splitting in blackjack is how the cards are arranged on the deck. The American versions allow splitting about three times in the game; for the European, it is just once.

  • Number of Decks

The decks that blackjack is played differ from one blackjack type to another. The range is between 2 and 8. Decks are important to players because they determine you are winning or losing chances.

  • Double Down Conditions

Double down betting differs from one blackjack to another. The European versions allow up to 12 times to double down. While some are very rigid, others allow stakes to increase to up to 100%.

  • Surrender Options

Surrender in blackjack is a feature that allows the bettors to leave the game early. While some versions allow early retirement; some only accept late exit.

The post is about the various blackjack versions and features that distinguish them. Most of the information above applies for Live Balckjack as well however there are some interesting changes, so it’s best to visit the Live Blackjack page for more information