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Few game providers can compete with Evolution Gaming when it comes to online casino games design. Their development of the live blackjack has brought something new to card games across the world. Today, we will look at the overview of the live blackjack by Evolution Gaming, its formats, and unique features it offers to players.

Overview of Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Live Blackjack

The live blackjack is played according to the dictates of Las Vegas and usually on seven table seats. Sometimes, eight card decks are utilized and changed when 75% of the shoe capacity is exceeded. This game provides side bets which players can stake on in their leisure time. Players gambling on live blackjack can split and double their hands at any period in the game.

In live blackjack by evolution gaming, when a dealer has a natural, he will look for a blackjack whenever insurance is provided. Manual methods are used to deal with live blackjack. Cards are shuffled using machines at all tables and this is witnessed by everyone present.

There are presently three live locations for Live blackjack: Latvia studio, Malta studio, and the newly-built Romania studio.

Formats in Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Unlike regular blackjack versions, live blackjack has its unique formats, which will be cited below.

Seven Seat Blackjack

This is a standard live blackjack format with which seven bettors put themselves against the dealer. Usually, these players sit consecutively near one another. Bettors are also allowed to stake behind another player.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

It is a one-handed version that can be waged by many bettors at once. It comes with at least five bets and is very fast-paced.

Free Bets Blackjack

This is a recently introduced variant that gives players the chance to play singles and doubles. This game is pretty tricky as it is modified to provide the dealer with a slight advantage.

Salon Prive Blackjack

This format is reserved for big rollers and huge bettors. If a bettor doesn’t have up to $10,000 worth of chips, he won’t be allowed to bet. Because of the status of gamblers that stake in this format, they are offered certain privileges others don’t get.

Speed Blackjack

A very similar version to the seven-seat blackjack platform. It is placed at a high-speed rate and reduces slow play by 30%. Cards are dealt with gamblers on how fast they can think and play.

Features of Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Live blackjack features

The Evolution Gaming live blackjack has some unique features which many players find fascinating.

  • Pre-decision

This key feature allows you to make some decisions before staking. You can stand, hit, split, and double.

  • Dealing Immediately

When a bettors bet on his own, and he is playing his last hand, he has the option of pressing the “ deal now” feature. This runs the clock down and instructs the dealer to play instantly.

  • Insurance

This feature appears immediately when the dealer poses the natural. The player usually has his initial stake halved when he uses a type of component.

  • 21+3 feature

When a gambler first two hands and dealer aggregates, use this feature to increase your intended winnings.

We have talked about the Evolution Gaming’s live blackjack, different kinds, and features you can use in the game.